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Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 7 already…yikes! Cenote digging, rescue dive scenario, volleyball tournament and more

Here in Pez Maya we had an epic party night on Saturday, the theme was superhero’s..and there were plenty.. including the Fantastic 4, the Powerpuff Girls, Superwoman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a skirt-wearing Batman, Poison Ivy, and a very convincing (S)he-man..! Brilliant!

More bad weather meant we only managed to dive Monday and Tuesday morning.. but for one group, the sighting of a manatee perhaps made up for it! It´s the only one that’s been spotted here since this time last year.. lucky!

We´ve been working hard around base.. digging the cenote, making a new compost area, and scraping and sanding away old paint from our hut walls ready for them to be pimped! This was topped off with a volleyball tournament between huts and staff, we haven´t finished it yet, but obviously hut 3 will be champions..(maybe we’re a little biased)!

During briefing on Wednesday the rescue divers were alerted to a catastrophic disaster on the beach! There were numerous casualties…including a washed up unconscious diver, a casualty with a boat engine embedded in his stomach and a hysterical panicked mad woman. They all reacted quickly and effectively…and soon had the situation under control… phew!

On Thursday we visited the Sian Ka’an tourist centre and museum. We climbed the lookout tower, which was slightly wobbly!.. It was worth it though, as the views across the reserve to the ocean on one side and the lagoon on the other were incredible. We’re all looking forward to the weekend, when we’ll hear the news from the turtlers who’ve been at turtle camp since Wednesday, and a bunch of us will be diving in Dos Ojos cenote to celebrate Shelleys 21st birthday!

We´re praying to the Mayan Gods for the good weather to return, so we can get back in the water, if it doesn’t come by tomorrow we’ll be sacrificing Betty!