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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dolphins? Yeah, dolphins… again at Pta Gruesa!

Our cetacean friends have come once more to greet us here at Punta Gruesa, which will also be known as Punta Delfines soon, since our encounters with our mammalian cohorts have been many. Despite this, each time it happens is always very exciting to meet up with them. It was a sunny, calm, windless day; the sea conditions still, perfect. We were arriving to our dive site when we caught a glimpse of tails moving out of the water. As the boat approached, sure enough, about 15 dolphins were swimming along. Divers were quick to get masks and fins on and into the water to get a closer look and were able to snorkel along side of them for about 5 minutesLater on, while the divers were 
under, the captain on the boat reported a second encounter. 9 dolphins were playing around (as they usually do) following the boat as it was cruising through the tranquil waters. The captain would stop the boat, stick his head into the water and wave at them. Their curiosity was sparked, but getting closer and noticing it was a human, they would lose interest and swim away. I guess we are an uninteresting species. But boy, do we love them. We are looking forward to our next sighting, which should be happening in a day or two. We’ll keep you posted.