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Monday, September 22, 2008

Pez Maya highlights 083 phase

Here are some of the highlights of this past 5 weeks at Pez Maya!!

  1. Three big cheers for our newly qualified divers and those who have continued their diving education with us this phase. We would particularly like to congratulate our two new Dive Masters who have been pushed to the limits with diving theory work, stamina training and practical tests of their abilities. We are sure everyone will soon be seeking out their next diving adventure and we wish safe and exciting diving to them all.
  2. We have had many incidental sightings this phase, including spotted eagle rays, reef sharks and most thrilling of all, a bottlenose dolphin that surprised divers on their last dive of the phase. A pod of three dolphins was spotted from the boat and they came to ride the bow wave but disappeared before the divers were able to enter the water. However much to everyone’s delight, one dolphin sort them out and decided to have a swim with them under the water. EMs were astounded by just how huge and powerful these creatures are when you are up close and personal with them. An incredible experience and a great story to tell to friends and family back home.
  3. Pez Maya staff and EMs upped base and headed down to Mahahual to visit our sister site at Punta Gruesa. After three days we returned to Pez Maya with some Mahahual EMs and staff to show them in return how we do things here. Staff and EMs alike enjoyed the chance to dive in a new location, mix with new people and share their experiences of expedition life. We would like to thank once again everyone at Punta Gruesa for making us feel so welcome and we hope to continue with base exchanges in the future.
  4. Generous as ever, Vidal Vela our local wildlife expert, guided our intrepid EMs on a boat tour through the still, crystal clear waters of the mangrove system behind Pez Maya. Vidal effortlessly manoeuvred the boat through narrow channels bursting with wild orchids, across the lagoon, pointing out manatees and many species of birds en route, eventually arriving at Muyil where EMs had the chance to explore ancient Mayan ruins and enjoy an ice cold drink. As always we are extremely grateful to Vidal for his time and all the help and advice that he gives us throughout the phase.
  5. Finally, we wish to congratulate Rob Smith who will be joining the Pez Maya team as a permanent staff member from next phase. Rob first joined the expedition as an EM in April, with his hard work and lively presence around base winning him the chance of an internship. His continual enthusiasm and tireless efforts around base this phase didn’t go unnoticed and have now earned him a place as a fully-fledged GVI staff member. Welcome to the team