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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to week 2 in Pez maya!

So we’ve had another interesting week this week vision's engine (our one working boat) broke on Friday while last group were heading out to dive in rather stormy seas this meant the rush was on to get ka’ays engine fixed so we’d still be able to dive.

The beach outside the front of base has become a seen from cast away with the boys building their own raft from things they’ve found along the beach that washed up, launch will be in a day or 2 and were all rather excited to see whether it’ll be sink or swim for them.

Saturday was party night on the base as well as meat night, there was plenty of drinking and dancing. Sunday we all went to the local Mayan ruins in Tulum with hangovers in tow where Kevin who is the resident “model” treated us to some amazing poses, then into town for a cheeky meal or 2 for a hangover cure.

Most of the open water groups are coming up to their final dives before becoming certified with spot dives already being performed by those who are already certified, the reef is a beautiful peaceful place abundant with fish and coral species. Well when I say peaceful I really mean until it’s peaceful until
someone starts busting out the moves to Saturday night fever 11 meters down.

There haven’t been that many incidental sightings this week though a little Boa was found sleeping in someone’s wetsuit highlighting the fact that you always need to shake it out before putting it on because who knows who’s home. Hopefully this lack of sightings will of changed soon seems as the full moons out and when the sky is clear its light enough you don’t need a torch to see meaning if you walk along the beach you can hope to catch a turtle coming up onto the beach to nest before returning to sea.

This weekend the base will be deserted as everyone is heading to Playa del Carmen to rave it up and enjoy a night of air con and running showers in a local hotel followed by snorkeling in a well-known turtle spot and visiting one of the most beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan.

Right time to get my tan and cook lunch its pizza today