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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My third week in Punta Gruesa... By Nathan (DM Intern)

I can hardly believe that it is already week three here at Punta Gruesa. Where the first week was rather slow and dragged, things have seemed to pick up. Everyone has seemed to fall into a daily routine, that of which is both mentally and physically demanding. The weather has been absolutely unbelievable- clear nearly the entire day and the entire night. It is intriguing to watch the sapphire-emerald sea transform into a deep nearly black-blue rolling surface. Once the sun sets, there is silence and slowly the stars begin to appear. Before one can realize it, the sky is flooded stars with the brightness of glistening diamonds. The pristine natural beauty that exists here is breathtaking; between the vastness of the ocean and night sky one can appreciate the simple things- like the cool breeze at the end of the day. Nice weather makes life on base easier.

As an intern at Punta Gruesa, the scholarly work has began to pick up. Starting the BTEC (British Technical Educational Console) course adds more work but at the same time I am being exposed to new information about marine life I never knew. Learning more about fish behavior and specific surveying techniques will broaden the scope of my understanding of what is happening on the reef. Learning and comprehending what is happening to life on the reef is the first step in initiating change. In just three weeks I have a new-found respect and appreciation for the ocean; specifically, the reefs we are exposed to daily. As a unit, I believe we are all quite content here at Punta Gruesa.