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Monday, July 25, 2011

Jaguar and puma research project on its track!

GVI Mexico programmes are not only about marine conservation but also about terrestrial conservation. The jaguar and puma research project helps the local organization El Eden to survey wildlife and big cats i.e jaguars, ocelots and pumas in the Peninsula Area in order to preserve them. As part of the project groups of volunteers have been surveying the area helping out to set up camera traps and identifying the species, especially jaguars. So far, two jaguars have been named after GVI volunteers and one of them completed a jaguar sound census which is been used as a tool for identification. It is so exciting to hear how the work of volunteers is helping to preserve this species. MANY MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL!

As you may know the Jaguar is an endangered species and a sacred one for the ancient Mayans. The first step that El Eden, together with other organizations, is doing to preserve it is a census to spot their location, dynamics and number of species existing. This will give them the information and tools to protect it, lobbying and raise awareness in the different social sectors to preserve it.
Three weeks ago a new enthusiastic group of volunteers started surveying the area in search of wild cats. 



Anonymous said...

The three people in this photo were not even in the jungle when myself and two other people spotted the King Vultures!! an adult and a juvenile! the 2 guys only actually lasted 2 days in the jungle because they couldn't hack it"!!! not happy GVI...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for that, we have changed the photo and the post as the information we had at the time was the one published. We would love to know your name to publish you were the one spotting the king vultures! It is an amazing sighting.