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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 3 in Pez maya- Farming, Mexican lunch and stingrays sighting!

On Wednesday while most of the group continued with Advanced open water dives and other fish and coral spots three volunteers (Rachael, Sam and Arely) as well as Vicki our base manager travelled two hours to a nearby Mayan village. There we helped a Mayan family build an elevated garden bed as the ground in which the village is based on is predominately rock, and therefore can`t be cultivated. So after building two parallel stone walls and filling them with leaves and dirt (found a little ways from the garden) we completed our volunteer work for the day and were rewarded with a typical Mexican lunch.

It also was also a week for spotting Southern Stingrays. One group saw a huge gathering of ten in one spot! The highlight of my stay so far also involves this most beautiful of sea creatures: Two minutes into our three-minute safety stop I looked down and there, moving serenely through the canyons formed by the coral reefs, was a lone Southern Ray. My buddy, Zoe, and I watched as it swam close to the white sandy bottom until it was gone. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Between the twice daily boat pushes and lifting of gear, buckets of water and all of our duties, we are all growing much stronger. I´ve also noticed deepening friendships and a growing affection and trust in each other as we are all getting to know one another much better.

Photos credited to C. Ruffle