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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lizy's- the dolphin spotter- 5th week in Punta Gruesa!

Nestling into my private mosquito net tent this evening, I have decided that my immediate surroundings are quite reflective of the week. There is a breeze through the slats of the hut, hello wind that hampered diving early in the week... but my fish ID book, also here, is indicative of my progress with the full fish list. We also got to snorkel at a shipwreck up the road :-)

My camera is also here. It's been in my hand all day and now it is here. I have backed up the contents three times. I can't stop watching my dolphin footage. I feel lucky and honored and overwhelmed. We saw dolphins while diving today. I saw them first looking up at the surface.
They flashed past 17 meters above. I thought that was going to be it. I thought it was going to
be one of those things were you see something, you know you did, it was there, it was, but no
one else sees it and everyone goes " are you sure you did, really? hmmmm. ok." This isn't
going to happen. I make a big star shape and cry "DOLPHINS" through my regulator.... and
again, and then slower "doooolphiiins...." My buddy's eyes are wide with horror. The peaceful
tranquility of the reef 17 meters down shattered by this ridiculous display. What on earth is
going on. "BLAH BLAH" ... "BLAH BLAH"" ... "Bllllaaaaaaah blllaaaah!" It turned out okay,
moments later seven beautiful, amazing dolphins came to say hello. So close we could have
touched them. I don't have anything else to add, it the most incredible thing I have ever seen.

It's been an awesome week. I have never been so popular and everyone wants to be my buddy. I like to pretend it's not because I have an underwater camera and there is a belief forming I
bring good nurse shark (oh God, he was so beautiful too) and dolphin karma. Looking forward to the next .... and the next.....