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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hola boys and girls!

There are certain things that happen here on a daily basis - swimming with dolphins, barracudas, turtles, sharks (yes, it finally happened), and spotted eagle rays. We even saw a turtle riding a shark while having tea with a dolphin. But what doesn't happen everyday, is the SUPERBOWL!!!!!! As the result of some good fortune and much prayer, we have been granted the day off to celebrate the author's favorite day of the year. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs The Green Bay Packers. En Espanol. We will also be having an American Football tutorial this evening, courtesy of the author and some brave volunteers. Wings, beer, pizza. Plus more wings, beer and pizza. Throw in some pigskin (read: football) and what more could you ask for? WARNING: If there are no more blogs after this one , know that I have spontaneously combusted. But know I died a happy man.

In other news, the volunteers are hatching plans for the upcoming long weekend. Looks like a quick trip up to Playa Del Carmen/Tulum is in order. On the docket - snorkeling with sailfish and diving with bull sharks, maybe even a dive in the fresh water underground caverns (cenotes). Possibly even a hot shower, electricity, and a bed without a mosquito net. Dreams really do come true.

We have also said goodbye to one of our fellow volunteer/dear friend, Karin. It was a mixture of both sadness and jealousy. While she is missing out on weeks of fun, she will be back to luxuries that we desperately miss.

Some of us wonder what will happen when we all return home. What will it be like? Will our friends find it odd that we don't flush toilets regularly, or shower only once a week? Will they find it curious that we flail at phantom mosquitoes, and walk around in full scuba gear? Let's hope not.

Ok. I have to go. There are hundreds of mosquitoes trying to eat my face. Literally. We have decided to all dress like giant mosquitoes to see if they will leave us in peace. See next week's blog for the results.

Till next week.

Your faithful correspondent,



Stu said...

Patricio...your blog updates are awesome, keep up the good work (for as long as you are in Mexico for...!)!