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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lion Fish Fundraising Frenzy!

Last night GVI Punta Gruesa turned up by the van loads to support Dreamtime Diving's Lion Fish Fundraiser. For 70 pesos we were treated to a seafood salad, coleslaw, a burner of unidentifiable meat origin (still tasted good to me) and a few drink tickets for some cool and refreshing Coronas! (Remember at Punta Gruesa we drink our beers warm, so a chilled beer is a gem of a treat).

The event was to raise money for Lion Fish nets. Lion Fish are an invasive species to these waters with the potential of causing enormous ecological damage since they have no local predators and basically eat anything that will fit into their mouth, severely disrupting the natural eco system. With these nets they hope to collect specimens and control their population in any way they can.

Another effort behind the fundraiser was to spread awareness and demonstrate it as a food source! They were serving up Lion Fish as a meal, sharing recipes and free samples for everyone. I was lucky enough to try a bit and it was actually incredibly delicious! From my limited fish sampling knowledge I can best compare it to Sol or Halibut but with, in my opinion, an even more desirable texture. It's their hopes that this could become a popular food source so that fishermen are encouraged to fish them for profit, aiding in the population control.

GVI and crew all had a great time! A welcome change from routine. We talked, laughed, had a good DJ with nice speakers pumping out tunes, and a door prize raffle in which GVI nearly cleaned up the prizes. Justin taking the grand prize of a romantic dinner for two of up to 400 pesos at one of the local restaurants.

Congratulations and thanks to Dreamtime for organising a fantastic event!