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Thursday, July 23, 2009

4 more lionfish spotted in the Sian Ka'an reserve

As we have been reporting lately, lionfish have started invading the Mexican Caribbean at an alarming rate.

The latest found was in the remote village of Pta Herrero, about 35 km north of our base in Pta Gruesa. 4 fish were found by local fishermen whilst they were fishing lobsters. The lionfish have seem to addapt rapidly and are reported to be using the same crevices and hideaways as lobsters, taking over their niches and thus having a big effect on the local ecology. All 4 fish were found around 3m deep and close to the mangroes, suggesting they have addapted to reef, lagoon and mangrove ecosystems.
The 4 specimens were fished and removed from the bay. No doubt more will be found, as this species is known to have a rapid reproductive cycle and ferocous eating habits!
On the same note, the local fishermen and reef user's workshop on this matter was help on wednesday, and it was a total success, with lots of interest shown by all users and commitment to help controling this issue.
We trully hope with the help of all we can control the rapid colonization of lionfish in the Caribbean!



Bill Reilly said...

Great to see you making some progress with this problem. Hope a final solution can be made to help the ecological systems and the fishermen as well.