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Friday, May 27, 2011

Is it really raining?!

Today is a special day; it’s NOT sunny (except for the sun in our hearts). Started pretty well though, the waves were not that big so we went out diving as usual. When ascending the whole sky opened up and let her small water soldiers down all over the surface. A beautiful sight from underneath and that’s why I am sitting here in a wet Pez Maya.

There is actually a lot of activity going on right now on the surface that you don’t need to be a diver to see. Turtles are mating and are also nesting along the beach. I guess they just have different clocks. It is amazing to see and we are all very happy about it. But the big activity this week was a trip to Punta Allen, a small fishing village a couple of hours away. They have 1 year anniversary for their recycling centre so the subject for a couple of days were all about how we can recycle, reuse and reduce.

The beach and the roads in town were cleaned by the locals and with the help from all the volunteers. A very giving and interesting couple of days which ended with some fun from the volunteers side for the children. We made a play for the children including superheroes and too small clothes and all had a good laugh!

So one week left of paradise. One week that used to be 10 weeks for some of us. It has
been so fast! But one week is 7 days which is 168 hours, plenty of time left, plenty of
time, plenty of time…………Yes now we all believe it!

Sven Out