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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The invasion of big waves and windy weather

This fourth week of our adventure has been fairly average, well as average as you can get whilst living in a tropical paradise with a private beach of your own to enjoy...

Today half of us discovered the intoxicating pleasure of diving to a depth of 30 metres and experienced the effect of nitrogen narcosis and how to deal with it. A vibration of excitement was tenable throughout the group as our gauges blew through the 25 metre mark and we thrust further into the ocean to the previously unexperienced horizon of 30 metres. Some of us were giggling like hyenas whilst the others gazed on, smug that they had not been affected. Around us was endless crystal clear water punctuated by blue chromies and majestic angelfish. Many of us are now officially advanced open water divers, well done guys!

For two and a half days, we were unable to dive because the invasion of big waves and guests of heavy wind made it impossible for our boats to penetrate the breakers. Luckily, the staff demonstrated their unending appetite to satisfy our appetite for adventure by making us machete paths through the jungle and tested our creativity with a kite building competition. Bryan shared his passion for whale sharks whilst the Mexican volunteers in our group helped us improve our Spanish and educated us on Mexican history. The culinary highlight of the week was the two Jacks´onion rings and the artistic one was a tie between Susie´s mural of a lionfish and the results of several of the guys´shaving experiments…..

All that remains is for us to rearrange the hut sleeping arrangements to welcome next
week´s new arrivals on base.