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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 9 in Pez Maya! Ship wreck, Rescue diver course, hamerhead shark and more creatures!

Everyone arrived back on base Monday feeling refreshed after spending the weekend diving wrecks in Puerto Morales and seeing plenty of Spotted Eagle Rays and Porcupine Fish. Everyone cracked on with monitoring as we only have two weeks left!!

We awoke on Tuesday to some strong winds and it was too difficult to get out of the
pass so us Rescue divers got a chance to practice our missing diver search patterns. This
entailed a buddy pair hiding and then the rescue divers had to organize a search party
and bring the missing divers to the surface. We played underwater hide and seek for a
fair few hours and had lots of fun!

Bad weather on Wednesday meant more Rescue Diver exercises, which this time
entailed dragging victims through surf to the safety of the shore while simultaneously giving them rescue breathes and protecting their airway from the huge breakers crashing on to shore. It was a proper Baywatch operation and very tiring for all involved, we all went to bed at 7.30 that night!

Thursday so far has been a very exciting and surprising day as an 8ft long scalloped hammerhead shark *Sphyrna lewini for you latin geeks out there!* has been spotted at one of our training sights, Special K, this is the first time this species has been sighted here in over a year!

The rest of us are looking forward to getting our Shark fix at the weekend as we will all be venturing on a Bull Shark dive ahhhhh!!!

As I leave you now, a massive storm has rolled in JUST as we were pushing Vision back onto shore. The view was beautiful as the storm provided a dark grey backdrop, contrasting against the turquoise seas and white sands. A few of us took advantage of a cheeky free shower in the rainwater!

That’s all for now, until next time xoxo