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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To dive or not to dive that is the question? By Kate in Punta Gruesa

So its been a while since the last update and the past two weeks have definitely been complete opposites: the first was a none diving week so we kept ourselves busy refreshing our coral and fish knowledge plus the fish people learnt some coral and the coral people learnt some fish. We had lectures on whale sharks, turtles and manatees to keep our minds ticking over. In order to keep our bodies active there was absolutely loads of volleyball games, swimming, running, walking and snorkeling accompanied by body surfing. Just to ensure an entirely all rounded week the creative juices were flowing with some of us (Tim May) designing a mural for the outside wall of base and painting it …it´s getting there slowly. Others worked on the outside bar area adding benches and
barstools which hopefully we can use for this weeks party night. Everyone doing rescue finished their qualification by diving in Mahahaul which was fantastic!

Then this week we were back to diving, glad to be back in the water, settling back into the routine and progressing very fast with our fish/coral spots, measuring/sizing and practice monitors. Plus the fish guys have managed to complete research at two of the dive sites and the coral people aren´t far behind.

We moved onto five wave days so everyone gets two dives in and we´re all super smart and quick at learning our stuff so it´s been a very productive week. The interns have all decided where they´re doing their placements after the two week break and have begun to get very excited about that stage of our trip, although with only two weeks left we´ll be making the most of our time here all together and this paradise we have come to call ´home´

Peace out K8