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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Science, dive-wind-bugs relationship and schoolgirl theme party! by Patrick

Hola ladies and Gentlemen! Hope you haven´t missed us too much. But have no fear. We think about our friends and loved ones on a daily basis. We miss you all terribly. But we miss hot showers slightly more. We also miss diving and the science that comes with it! So the wind Gods have been unkind to us over these last two weeks. All work and no diving makes Jack a dull boy, as they say. Good thing we are all massively creative, and refuse to let the wind dampen the fact that we live on a beach 24/7. We have made significant progress in our collective beach volleyball skills, mastered the art of massage, become fluent in Spanish, and have painted more than Michelangelo in his prime. We also get an extra hour of sleep when we don´t dive. Sidebar - the author enjoys his sleep.

We have also discovered the lovely relationship between diving, mosquitoes, and wind. ↑Wind = ↓ mosquitoes, but ↓ diving. The opposite holds true when the wind is calm. In the end, we would gladly take a mauling from nature´s vampires if it means we get to dive the next day. Sounds crazy right? But if you haven´t been scuba diving, check it out and you will understand what I mean. It may sound cliché, but we are basically astronauts. Astronauts who go deep.

Yet the horizon looks promising, as we have gotten back to diving over the last couple of days. We are finally logging data, and making some scientific progress. The weather reports indicate that this should carry through for the next week or so. We are also recovering from our recent schoolgirl themed party – of which you will never see pictures (see attached picture). Finally, the local community of Mahahual is having a carnival this weekend. We have decided to morph one of our trucks into a giant (and scary) lionfish float to be featured in the parade. This should thoroughly frighten the local citizens. Either that will scare them, or Bradley Harris dancing in the back of the truck will. We shall find out! Till next blog – ADIOS!

P.S. We went snorkeling with dolphins yesterday.

Your Faithful Correspondent,