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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small Details that Make Your Day

I personnaly think a good way to stay happy in your life is to allow yourself to be amazed by little things of you suroundings. In other words: do not get too used to your environment, open your eyes and appreciate variations of your little world. Don't wait until you hit the jackpot to be impressed. It starts straight up in the morning with a different sunrise and a quick look at the sea to spot a Great Blue Heron or Great Egret hunting and instead of doing your morning duty you're asked to go birding on the beach! Then for breakfast, mango is replacing the apple giving your porridge a tropical taste and the coffee is especially good. Surprise, your name has been added on the diving board and you'll be diving more than you thought. On the reef you spot a juvenil trunkfish, probably the cutest fish ever, and a Mussa angulosa, a coral that looks like Mick Jager's lips. On the way back your captain draws your attention on a hawksbill turtle breathing at the surface on the calm laguna. Back at base, somebody needs all your gear avoiding you to wash it and put it back and miraculously lunch is ready. You enjoy a short nap in your favorite hamock before kitting up for your next wave. Your propose yourself for radio duty when you get back and get amazed by the ants carriying a bastard fly on the wall, you observe the termits rebuilding their tunnel with soldiers guarding the entrance and the workers carriying particles of sand. You ask yourself how can they be so strong and so well organize. You enjoy a cold Lata (beer can) that you put in the fridge earlier in the day on the beach with your friend drinking a usual warm beer. It's dinner time and the wind picked up making the Palapa (dinning room) a mosquitoe-free-zone. You find yourself enjoying banana bread on the beach watching an almost full moon rising from the horizon. The moon is now high and you realize that your flashlight is useless. You play a game of werewolf in circle with your mates before going to bed. While brushing your teeth you come accross the biggest hermit crab you've seen so far. You slip into your mosquitoe-net and enjoy your clean sheets while listenning couple of song. You pass out and dream about descending into the blue for an other amazing dive! Nothing sensational, just couple of little things that you took the time to realize that made your day an other awesome day!

Francis Cardinal

El Pancho del Mar