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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A green initiative to raise funds!

Following Seychelles initiative of no plastic bags on base and trying to raise money for the Charitable Trust we found a local company that produces bags made out of cotton from Mexican producers and are manufactured by disable people from Mexico city. The bags are paid with publicity and in exchange they have their brand taken everywhere where the bags go and it is associated with a good cause- no more plastic bags!

The idea was to get a minimum amount of sponsors to produce them and then if we got more sponsors the money would go to support our Charitable Trust projects. We would give one bag for free to each volunteer and if people wanted more they could buy them and the funds would go to the Charitable Trust projects too!!

It is a project that started about 6 months ago and finally came through!! We have received the bags, each volunteer have their very own bag and they pay a small fee if they bring plastic bags to base. With this initiative plastic bag use on base has been reduced as they have an alternative. Donations to the Charitable trust have started. We continue in the search of more sponsors to produce more bags and more funds for the CT!!

The design is a collage between Andrew Cameron (former staff) Coral reef design, Sam Hadwich (former volunteer and scholar) lionfish design, the Punta Allen verde (CT in Mexico) logo, the Amigos Logo and the Charitable trust logos!

So far we have three dive shps sponsoring it and a coffee shop! Keep tune for more news on sponsors additions!