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Monday, August 8, 2011

End of first 5 weeks in Pez Maya! mangroves tour, ship wreck and cenotes dive

As we write this blog our fellow volunteers are busy doing morning duties for the last time in this half of the phase, as today is sadly our last day on base. The days have flown by and too quickly,it’s time for the 5 weekers to say goodbye. Our time here has been inspirational, eye opening, challenging (washing your hair and body with only one bucket) and sweaty but last but above allit’s been fun.

The diving has been amazing and from the double dive days the nervy have become confident, skilled divers taking on even the most challenging of swim throughs. If you’re reading this blog undecided whether to come to Pez Maya or not, 99.9% of volunteers here would tell you it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Although the manatees have eluded us, some of us were lucky enough to spot 2 nurse sharks this week - rather uncommon for this time of year as they much prefer colder water and its currently a toasty 28oc at most of the dive spots.

Because of the recent boat engine problems and us being top geezers about it all, we were treated to a tour of the lagoon and a relaxing drift through the Mayan canals with everyone opting to don their life jackets like nappies for a more comfortable ride. The relaxation was a little too much for some who in usual fashion decided to monkey around, climbing mangroves and jumping off (you know who you are). After our relaxing dip we split off into two different groups to enjoy a weekend of diving activities. One group headed into Playa del Carmen for a night before venturing the next day to Puerto Morelos to do a wreck dive (a US navy ship sunk purposefully off the coast to commemorate the marine reserve it lies in), followed by a shallower dive at a beautiful spot called My Reef. We were treated to our first eagle ray sighting and a huge moray eel, easily the width of the manliest man`s thigh. The other group stayed in Tulum overnight then headed over to Dos Ojos to enjoy some of the best cenote diving in the Yucatan.

Both myself and Lex have enjoyed writing the blog each week for you guys and letting you know about the good and the bad (though really there’s very little of the latter). Hopefully these little entries each week have cemented your decision to join the expedition!

On behalf of Phase 113 we would like to thank all the staff for helping make this expedition the trip of our lives, love you.

Ciao peeps

Loves of love

Sophie and Lex xxx