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Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting into boat and incidental sightings

This week I was thinking  what I could write about. Nobody seems to every mention how really hard it is

 getting into boat. I know it seems straight forward, but not from my side of view. So listen up, here it goes. After finishing with our duties and if the weather is good to us, there are 4 waves of people going for diving on two boats. Each boat usually has 6 divers and driver. So far so

Boats are amazing. They are biggish, white, they have a name written on them, and there is a safety box, engine…..where am I going with this? Well it does miss a one IMPORTANT thing (from
my point) and that’s lather? I’m sure you all agree. So when we push the boat at the beginning of
dive towards the sea we are walking in the water next to it. It’s great, water is warm, sea grass is crunching underneath your feet (not that I can hear it). And then the moment arrives….we actually have to jump into to boat. Well it sounds all so great and easy but when you are up to shoulders in water it’s not as easy as it sounds. So how can I describe it bit mo re? Imagine a beach whale, yep, my favourite animal. Because like me, she doesn’t like to do sudden movements, it takes time and eventually things happen. Well here you have to be fast before the boat moves and you have to start all over again. So this is the deal, they let me try at least 3 times; before they actually help me (otherwise we would be diving on the beach).

So I’m on the boat and we are off. And I have a problem (again), I’m sea sick (if you planning to come here and you suffer as I do, a word of advice, take lots and lots of pills with you). So we get to the place and have to kit up. It’s quite hard when there are waves and guesses what – I still feel sick.

Yay. So off we jump on count 3 into water. Actually we roll off. And we are down and under. Ahhh,
the bliss, with so many colours and so many things to see 40 minutes pass unbelievable fast. We un-kit in the water, leaving just mask and fins on. Are you guessing what is coming next? Yes, you scored. Now it’s time, when we have to jump back into boat as elegantly and lady like as possible. I will disappoint you here (again). I need help and they let me jump few times on my own, for them to see, that I still can’t do it and then they help me. So I land in the boat head first, feet up, kicking
anything and anybody on the way but so happy to be in the boat (that’s a different way to see the
boat closely and personal).

So what are the incidental sightings? Those are sightings which you actually looking forward to (at
least I do). It ranges from rays, morays, dolphins, turtles, even lion fish – which is actually here in
wrong, but they are just so beautiful. You don’t want to know what happens to them here…….