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Monday, September 30, 2013

Anna's second week and Mexico Independence day!

I'm well into my second week of six weeks in Playa Del Carmen and I can't believe how quickly I've settled in - it doesn't take long to start calling somewhere new 'home'!

I'm on the healthcare programme but at the end of last week I got a chance to go and help out with the childcare volunteers at the Ludoteca. Nothing quite prepares you for an ambush of 30 energetic kids all speaking and introducing themselves at once but I had so much fun playing games and helping them with their projects. They are also the best language teachers and I came away knowing how to say wolf, frog and carrot in Spanish!

Friday was my first time at music therapy - lots of fun with tambourines, maracas and drums although I've ended up with the songs in my head all week since then!

On Saturdays I go to equine therapy and lead the horses around the paddock while the therapists are on the horses with the kids. Talking to my horse as I lead him round is another great opportunity to practice my Spanish - and he doesn't laugh when I get my grammar wrong!

Mexican Independence Day fell over the weekend which meant it was fiesta time! We decorated the living room with the colours of the Mexican flag to get into the spirit. At night everyone goes to the main square and at around 11pm a bell is rung and everyone shouts ¡Viva México! 3 times which is the cry of Independence. There were amazing fireworks even though the rain was coming down in sheets!

Somehow I seem to have written more in this blog than I meant to and I haven't even covered half of what I've done but I'll sign off for now with the rest to be continued...

It's been an amazing whirlwind of a couple of weeks so far and I can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks have in store!