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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hilarious Remora incident!

The dives recently have been incredible around Pez Maya, we have been treated to all different types of animal species. I think everybody´s eyes are getting better at picking and recognising a creature in the water and therefore we are now able to have much more successful and exciting dives searching every part of the reef that we can.

One of my favourite dives of recent was a coral watch I did with Nadja in a site called “Lagrimas Negras”. Our profile was 20 metres so we had an amazing time exploring a bit deeper than some of the other reefs take us. We saw a huge green moray eel which made me jump out of my skin as it seemed to appear from nowhere! Coral Watch is a really good dive to get as you are able to monitor the coral as well as have a wicked explore around.

There was also a hilarious incident we had with a Remora fish (the fish which stick onto the sides of sharks and turtles). Jo, Sami and I went to dive Special K to do a PI spot as Sami and I are just beginning to learn our PI. As we jumped out of the boat and began our descent we saw this fish which had obviously lost its shark companion. It decided it wanted to stick to one of us. We didn’t even make the descent before it had tried to eat Jo and Sami´s hair and try to go right up my BCD. We battled with this fish for 20 minutes trying to get it to leave us alone but it just did not want to. Finally, we ended up surfacing where Holly greeted the three of us screeching trying to jump on the boat which I think she found very funny. I hope that Remora found a shark in the end.

The dives the last couple of days have unfortunately been a little more troublesome as the radios have had a few problems however we are still making 2 dives a day just in shallower sites. Due to some of the troubles we have had in the last few days the camp have been coming up with some games to keep them occupied, one of these being assassin. This is where everyone has to pick a name, place and weapon out of a hat and then (not violently) kill that person with that weapon in that place. We have all as a base been having so much fun mixed with large amounts of paranoia as to who is going to kill you. However, despite us all killing one another I feel like we are all becoming a proper family and all have got to know each other really well. I will definitely being missing the fun, games and lovely dives Pez Maya has to offer when I leave.