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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For a large number of us, this was our final week in Pez Maya and was incredible!

So we started the week with a day which was too windy to dive on, so instead we had a day of Beach Olympics which was nothing if not hilarious!  Especially Spinney Pole - each team member runs to a vertical pole, spins round it 10 times and then runs back.  Sounds simple but by the time we’d spun round 10 times no one could run in a straight line, only sideways, or they’d just fall on the floor!
Then on Monday there was a field trip for a few of us to Punta Allen; it was the kids’ first day back at school.  Some of them were so young and yet already so excellent at English – all thanks to Valeria.  In the afternoon we spent a few hours making bracelets with them and then we headed down to a place called the Black Lagoon.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and will never ever forget it.

And that’s not all.  On Tuesday the diving day was interrupted by a pod of dolphins who wanted to play!  Pez Maya was just full of treats in the last week.  We spent hours snorkelling around with the dolphins and enjoying their company, watching them as they played together in the sand.  They are such loud creatures.  We could hear them from miles off!

On the final day the sun was beaming, the water was calm, the dives ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed a fun dive – apart from the people who got to monitoring as that is the number one priority.  Joyful definitely summed up the collective mood.  Including the interns, who last night delivered a stellar GTEC presentation on the interactions between mangroves, seagrasses and coral reefs.  We are all very proud of them.
Pez Maya will be truly missed by everybody leaving because it is just a seriously wonderful place to be!