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Monday, May 13, 2013

sharing an incredible week in three stories

Voice from the field May 13, 2013

Deep dive

This week the advanced open water people went on their deep dive, which is probably most fun of the advanced dives. Going right down to 29m is a good way to get narked. Everything is more amusing at that depth for example your dive leader’s curly hair or when an angel fish eats the egg being used to show pressure. It also makes it very difficult to perform simple tasks and to know the difference between your nose and hear. It is a good way to understand the effects that pressure has on your senses.

Treasure hunt

On Thursday we had a plan B day, which meant no diving but instead we had an intense treasure hunt. Teamed up in different groups we were all running like crazy around base trying to collect all the clues in time to figure out the anagram, “Stoplight parrotfish”.
The treasure hunt ended with a couple of rounds of spinny pole, making everyone eat tons of sand and laugh their faces off. On the afternoon the weather suddenly switched and in 30 minutes everything went pitch black. The wind pretty much tossed away everything left out in communal and then the sky opened up and rain came pouring down. After almost four weeks of constant sunshine a tropical storm was due and for us experiencing it for the first time it was quite awesome and a nice relief from the
humidity of the day. Of course the normal reaction to the rain is to run straight in to it until you are completely drenched and it’s a strange feeling when the sea is warmer than the beach. Some people even used the down pour as a shower so we all felt pretty clean on Thursday evening.


Turtle Friday was the theme for the last Friday we had together before some people left and new people were arriving. After having beach clean and tidied up the base before the new arrivals on Saturday, we all went to Akumal to snorkel with the turtles. We saw heaps of green turtles, a hawksbill and a couple of people even caught a glimpse of a baby green turtle, awww! There are also plenty of fish to see if you swim out to the reef and sting rays are abundant. We all got some ice cream which we all have been craving. So all in all it was a good week although it’s always sad to say goodbye to friends.