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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A mixture of hard work and play!

We begin on Monday with two birthdays, Kerry and Juliet`s, which we celebrated with a homemade
whale shark piñata. Yeay!

Due to hurricane Ernesto`s imminent arrival, we were evacuated to Tulum on Tuesday. Before being shipped out we had a lot of work to do to secure base and try to reduce any damage. Living so simply you may have thought this would have been an easy task, but alas no. It took us nearly two days to remove possible projectiles from the grounds, pack everything in to boxes including all the dive kit, books and kitchen equipment and move mattresses, boat engines and all luggage into the Green Room.
We achieved our furthest boat push so far when moving the boats in to the car park at the front of base, a safe distance from shore. When all windows were boarded up and essentials packed, we piled in to a collectivo and headed to Tulum to begin our two day hurrication.

In Tulum, during our initial detention (for our own safety), we filled our time with fun things such as gymnastics, skateboarding, poi, juggling and of course plenty of Olympics watching on that novelty thing
known as a tv. We enjoyed air-con and and yes, an actual shower.

When the coast was finally clear we returned to base to clear the debris in the grounds and unpack everything we had taken two days to store. Joy. Saying that, we were pleased to see base relatively intact, although the sea had risen to half way up our volley ball court! We were, however, shocked again
by the amount of plastic that had washed up.

By Friday evening we were settled in once again and ready for a beer. Sadly these were goodbye beers as Maria left our company on Saturday morning to return home and continue her studies. Good luck and all the best from everyone, we miss you loads already.