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Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting used to new life in Punta Gruesa by Lizy

I inadvertently, some subconscious defence mechanism perhaps, set my alarm for 6.45 instead of 5.45. So it doesn't go off. I raise one eye lid. Admittedly, I hear chatter … but it's dark outside, so it's obviously the middle of the night. I close the lid... I suspect, very close to me, there are 5 other single eyes peering out calculating a similar denial. No-one moves. “UUUUP!!!! GET UP.... EVERYONE UP!” This is incredibly annoying.

Amidst some (quickly alleviated) apprehension about exactly how to contribute to the seemingly complex efficiency already installed on camp, 5.45am duties started on day three. And there is no excuse. I emerge from the hut chuckling an apology, (“aghhg !
Man when I yawned, I totally inhaled your bug spray”) but retreat immediately, stubbing a toe on the decorative conch shells in the foyer, because the sunrise is just incredible. “Where's my camera, where's my camera?!” A hundred meters from my front door a stork is calmly standing in the reflection of the sun rising over the horizon... “don't move, don't move Goddammit Stork”. He doesn't and then six pelicans fly past. This place is amazing.

It doesn't wear off either … there is an actual palm tree growing horizontally out from the shore. A Southern sting ray took off underneath me when I snorkeled out to the reef. I brush my teeth under a starry sky with sand between my toes. This entirely compensates for the fact I am starting to look like Cousin It and I used my entire water allocation on day two (“one bucket a WEEK you say?”).

Socially, as the end of week one approaches, the obligatory “so ummm where are you from?”s , “I am so sorry I forgot your name”s and the “do you mind ever so if I move this? ” have dissolved somewhat to dirty tactics in the Capture the Flag icebreaker and “ah ha you look like an idiot in your night gown.”

Professionally, the weather has been against us in terms of diving, (bit windy) but the fish guys have all passed their paper exams and the coral peeps aren't too far behind. We're coming along nicely.

We have moved our weekend forward to absorb the bad weather and currently, I am the
only one not playing UNO. Signing off.