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Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st experiencies in Punta Gruesa, Mahahual!

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. This is your faithful correspondent coming at you loudly and proudly from the palapa (which I believe in spanish means an astonishing place to gather with friends) How do we do it you ask? How do we survive unbearable heat, blood thirsty mosquitos/sand flies, warm beer, lack of cellphone service, and relative isolation from the outside world? By swimming with dolphins of course. That is right. Swimming with DOLPHINS. In recent news, 6 lucky scuba divers and 6 equally lucky snorkelers got to dance under the waves with 8-12 Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Did I say dance? I meant the dolphins cirlced us wildly as we screamed and jumped around like little school children. Did I mention that we swam with dolphins? Sorry. Moving on.

We have also figured out what the interior of a lion fish looks like. Hint – it is a mix of guts and more guts. However, we hope to find out exactly what they eat and also what eats them (which is apparently not much). Watch this space for a solution to the world's lion fish epedemic. I promise we will do it. EAT MORE LION FISH. THEY ARE TASTY.

We have also learned...
Don't wear drysuits when diving in tropical water.
Rain storms make great showers.
I miss cheese.
I miss meat.

Finally. We have also seen turtles and flying fish. But really, when you live in a
tropical paradise, this stuff comes naturally. Oh. And we also live on a beach. That
doesn't really hurt either.

Off to go see about a dance party...