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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A legendary rivalry has begun…

This epic sporting event took a long time to finally come to fruition. Now that it has taken place, football fans are anxious for more. The match created a sporting rivalry comparable to Manchester United and Manchester City. The Mahahual team met its match when the GVI team showed up to take them on in a “friendly” game last Wednesday at the pitch located in downtown Mahahual. It was a clear day, with the Sun blazing at 4:30 p.m. when the match began. Each team had their supporters chanting names and cheering them on. In the first 10 minutes GVI had five gilt edge opportunities to score, but the ball refused to cross the line. The first half ended 1-0 to Team Mahahual with GVI looking a bit worn from the heat, and spurning missed opportunities. In the second half it seemed like all the male inhabitants of Mahahual were playing against GVI, rough counts showed twelve members of the opposing team. There was a new, fresh player every 10 minutes. Despite this advantage, GVI showed the contenders that we would not go down without putting up a fight. Peter Andrews scored an honorary goal that will go down in history as “the only goal we scored”, but there should have been more from the creative GVI side. When the final whistle blew, all our players had given there all, with cramped legs on every player, but the will was still there to continue fighting. The score showed a small victory favouring the locals 8-1. We are looking forward to a rematch that will be taken place once the GVI players recover from their battle wounds and are ready to take on 20 players at once. Next time, GVI should come out victorious. A legendary rivalry has begun…