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Thursday, October 18, 2012


So another week has passed in Pez Maya. Everyone has now settled in to life on the base, even the 6.30 morning starts are getting easier.

Congratulations to everyone who has passed their fish and coral identification tests, we are now moving into the field and learning to size underwater. Much like dinosaurs in your rear view mirror (Jurassic Park reference), everything seems a lot bigger underwater.

We have all started the next phases of diver certifications, half the group are doing Advanced Open Water, whilst the rest have started their Rescue Diver. Those doing advanced have been completing their awesome Dives, including Peak Perfomance Buoyancy and Deep!! The rescue divers were practising how to rescue panicked and tired divers and how to find missing divers too, this involved being nearly drowned by our dive leaders in attempts to save them. Fortunately, neither victim nor rescuer drowned.

4 of our volunteers, Mike, Jenny, Sam and Teague went to Punta Allen to teach on Wednesday. After the initial mayhem of trying to control the classes, our volunteers managed to settle the kids and get some teaching done. Topics covered were the differences between ´has´ and ´have´, and going over shapes and colours. One of the highlights of their day was the lunch of meat filled empanadas, much to the jealousy of everyone back on base. After teaching thye spent the afternoon relaxing at the scenic, if not idealic, black lagoon.

We have had some fantastic incidental sightings, including a 40 minute swim along with a pod of dolphins and a number of newly hatched turtle rescues when doing turtle watch along our beach.