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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It has been a pretty chilled out week on base after our long weekend. We have welcomed 5 new volunteers, Ali, Tim, Julia, Jennifer and Majbritt, arrived on Saturday and have quickly integrated into life here in Pez Maya, getting used to the early starts and routine. While the weather has slowed down our diving this week, it still hasn’t stopped us! Robbie “Fish Monitor Extraordinaire” continues to collect more fish Data, while the rest of the team edge ever closer! There has also been a bunch of coral watch data collected as well!

Jess, Thea and Caelan went to teach in Punta Allen, with the first 3 classes having gone well they headed into the final with a positive attitude to be met with a rather boisterous class who eventually settled down.

Thursday brought some excitement with the capsizing of a local fishing boat that had braved the rough seas only to be turned upside down! Our boys bravely went to the rescue of the fishermen who couldn´t swim and had to be carried back out of the water.

This week we´d also like to wish Thea a very happy 19th Birthday which was celebrated Pez Maya style with a big cake.

This weekend our volunteers are helping out at turtle fest and doing the 10km run, so every spare minute is used to prepare for the long race ahead. There is still time to sponsor them, even a few dollars/euros/pounds. All money raised goes towards helping to build the recycling centre in Punta Allen! We would like to wish all the runners good luck and hope that turtle fest is a resounding success.