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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Chronicles of Captain Jim Sparrow: Part 1
Circling the high seas on Friday Captain Jim Sparrow noticed an ominous dark shadow in the water. Utterly astonished, he realized that first-mate Ben had just driven the boat past one of the largest and most fascinating creatures of the ocean.

“WHALE SHARK!!!!”, he bellowed while the crew clung to their seats as the boat careered back towards the 6 meter giant. They abandoned the ship without a second thought (except for poor first-mate Ben) to catch a glimpse of the shark, never seen before in Pez Maya and the first sighting for most of them. The Whale Shark drifted through the water for half an hour allowing Captain Jim’s pirate friend Martin to get his divers over to see the shark too.

But this was just the beginning of a 5-Star-Rated-Dive. Once down on the sea floor, Captain Jim came across not one, but two Lionfish, an invasive and predatory enemy to Mexican seas. He shot them both through with the same spearhead, ready to bring them back to base to inspect their stomach contents and record the victims.

The crew, already greatly appreciative, were even joined by a Caribbean Stingray chilling out on the ocean floor. Back on board and heading back to base, the crew’s unbelievable luck continued. The radio crackled: “Take care approaching base, there are two Hawksbill Turtles mating on the water surface”
Witnessing such a rare sight of these endangered animals is an encouraging start to the turtle mating and nesting season. Some of the turtles will even nest on the beach right in front of us.
Supposedly, as turtle nesting season is during summer, this should mean warm waters and warmer suns. However, in the words of one chilly diver this morning, “this is not summer weather”. 

All crews were grounded at the start of the week, as the sky churned out tropical storms and torrential heavy rains. Diving was suspended, the wetsuit hut was felled by the wind and Jemima and Julia finally won the ensuing water fights against Manuel who went down fighting to the death.

The excitement didn’t stop there for Captain Jim, who spent his time away from the seas, making a new spiky friend. Attached rather passionately to Captain Jim’s sheets one night, appeared a Mexican Porcupine who proved unwilling to leave the comfort of Jim’s bed. He since been spotted in the boat room and hiding between boards and guitars.

And so goes life for the pirates of Pez Maya, never knowing what adventures the weather will bring the next day…

End of part 1
Pirate WenchJemima, Plank Cleaner Manuel