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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back to the water and Pezmayalympics!

Sorry, no real blog update for this week, erm, because we’re a bit too busy diving!

After rumoured reports of a return to normal Caribbean weather most of us scoffed at the thought of blue skies, calm seas and little breezes but then it happened. Unfortunately for us it was all due to change on the Saturday and Sunday, days we would normally spend off base. Solution, move the weekend!

So other than a little scratching of heads whilst we try to remember what actual day it is we have all been very glad to get back in the water. This has meant that we’ve managed to not only continue the fish monitoring with Kim making her second set of transects but Valeria and Neil have now also made a start with the corals. Everyone else has been working hard doing their final practice monitoring or fish and coral spots.

In other news Pez Maya was host to the inaugural 2012 Beach Olympics with teams put forward from each of the huts as well as one team from the staff. Needless to say it was extremely competitive with the final victory going to the staff, although there was far more of them than us!

Pez Maya has also seen a few random deaths recently, whilst mostly appearing like random accidents some people are starting to expect we may have several assassins on base. It’s quite hard to explain how someone was killed with a coconut in the BCD room or however a regulator made it to the smoking area and manage to harm someone who doesn’t even smoke? Whilst the game continues everyone suspects everyone else and no one dares to travel anywhere alone.

We’ll let you know who the last man, or woman, standing is next time.

Freja, Thalie and Neil.