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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pez Maya Olympics!

Following on from today’s bad weather, we only had one wave of dives, which was great for everyone who had to study for Rescue Diver, but it did mean we had a few hours to kill. So the staff decided we should organize a Pez Maya Olympics. Each of the 4 huts had to come up with a team name and a game for everyone to play. So at 14:30 this afternoon, everyone stopped what they were doing and the games began!

The games started with “Spinny Stick” the staff choice, which as I’m sure you can all guess involved holding broom, putting your forehead on top of it and spinning in a circle. It’s possibly the most I’ve laughed since being here, seeing so many people falling over and not getting up again after 15 rotations on the broom, hilarious. Next we had the”3 Legged Fin Race” A great twist on an old classic. Naturally certain staff members cheated with this one, edging themselves over the start line and ignoring our protests of outrage. Then we moved onto “40/40” which is a little tricky to explain, it took me a good 20 minutes to get everyone clear on it this afternoon, so I won’t try here, but it’s basically extreme tag. We did set a time limit for the game, however 10 minutes after we’d finished, we were still trying to locate one volunteer to inform the game had indeed ended.

To finish our Olympics off, we moved down to the beach for a game of “Beach touch” – some of us had never played before so had no idea how it worked, but it’s basically Rugby, except instead of tackling people, you tag them, health and safety first! We had half the playing field on the beach and the other half in the sea which was great fun. Finally after 2 hours of running round, spinning, hiding and chasing people through the sea, the games came to an end. It brings me much joy to report that hut 2 were the overall winners of the Pez Maya Olympics, followed by the staff, then hut 1 and finally hut 3 (hut 4 were busy cooking amazing pizza in the kitchen so couldn’t join in) but of course, it’s not the winning that matters, it’s the taking part… but hut 2 did win...just in case you missed that bit.