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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pez Maya after 5 weeks! awesome diving, "anything but clothes" party, Akumal & Chichen itza visits!

Farewell Readers,

This is the last blog for all the 5 weekers in Pez Maya who have left last Friday. It’s been a great week for diving, but a hard week since we’ve starting to realize that we are soon going back home to our boring lives. Some lucky people are staying for another phase, but the most of us are going back to USA, Canada, England, Australia, Scotland, France, other part of Mexico and Sweden (home sweet home).

The Norwegian we had here at base has already left because of a wedding, and all of us miss her a lot. She left us last Friday and even though we knew she was going to leave it caught us off guard, since we didn’t want to believe it. All the mourning broke down our immune system and many of us started to get big blotches on our bodies which we thought was impetigo, sun poisoning, water contamination or leprosy but after mayan analysis it turned out only to be that the che chen chen tree was the villain. Our Norwegian doctor student would probably have been able to tell us this before some of us got panicked after having their legs covered with marks that really looked like leprosy.

Anyway, the disease aside, we had a really good last week with really good weather and awesome diving. This weekend we had maybe the best party in the world ever with the theme “anything but clothes”. Most people were cheating by wearing underwear, but at least two of us were doing it the real deal. People were wearing anything from pillow cases, mosquito nets, froot loop boxes and duct tape to a weight belt and towel, palm leaves and inflatable animals (has to be seen to understand). During Sunday most people left the base during various things like visiting Akumal for turtle snorkelling, visiting Chichen Itza or just hanging out at base and filling tanks for the last week of diving (kudos for that).

In a blog kind of way this week has been really boring since the weather has been great and the only things we’ve been doing is diving, eating, playing volleyball and sleeping. Some of us have been certified rescue divers, others have started monitoring and everyone (as it looks like) has had a really good time and even though it’s a lot of mourning these days everybody is going to look back at this adventure with happiness in their minds.

Last but definitely not least, weeks spotting list: Turtles, Dolphins, Shark sucker, Shark, Sting rays, moray eels, crocodiles, lion fishes and the usual cool stuff.