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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Huh? Golf tournament? In the Playa community programs?

This week the Community Playa House has been busssssaay. Three people, three projects. Plus the Golf; lets just say there has not been a dull moment. 

So you may have been reading snippets about this Golf and wondering "what, that's so random!"

Well, we can shed some light on this. The PGA Golf Tournament is held in Playa del Carmen in the beautiful Mayakoba. The players from all over the world compete for the prize Money of $6 million US; so its kinda a big deal for them! We are involved because our partners in the Health care Project is contributing to the tournament by supplying volunteers to be marshalls. And now it should be making a bit more sense! What's wonderful is that our partners will be getting a donation for supplying us for the four days.

So we're in charge of hole 17, situated just down the hill from the beach front. We make sure people are quiet for when the players hit the ball. It's quite technical, you see, we have to put the paddle up just at the right moment.... Verrrryyyy technical. 

It's only day 2  and we've seen rain, shine, hurricane wind.... But no matter what, we're determined to have a great time (Georgie's already scored a Golf ball from one of the players)!!! Anyways, time to head to the Green... And if anyone asks, we're Golf experts, "experts".