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Friday, June 7, 2013

Rescue course!! one of the most challenging PADI courses but also the most fun

Voice from the field,  Jun 07, 2013 - Pez Maya

A new week at Pez Maya is here and what a special week it has been so far. We have had a tropical storm passing through the area, or it is still passing over us as we write this, which has been the topic of the week. Days and nights have been full with rain, rain, thunder, rain and lightning, a little bit more rain, the occasional sunshine, and would you believe it a bit more rain which has turned Pez Maya into a very wet place. We have all redecorated our huts, which mean all the beds are now in the middle of the room, as far away from the windows as possible and at nights we have been able to sit up and watch the lightning shows above our heads. Who needs a TV when you have a proper lightning spectacle to see?! How cool the lightning may seem, we are all starting to look forward to the end of the storm and to a couple of dry days, which next week hopefully will hold. 

The rescue course is going on as scheduled and it takes up a lot of the day for the people doing it. We are currently working through scenarios involving panicked divers, which we believe the staff enjoy as much as we do. It is a special feeling when a staff member pretends to panic and starts trying to push you underwater, with more training we will hopefully be good enough to push them away… We have also started doing our swim tests, that needs to be completed in order to become a rescue diver, and to put it nicely, we are glad we have a swim teacher amongst the staff members. The rescue course is so far one of the most challenging PADI courses but also the most fun one we have done!