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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lots of new experiences in the 1st week of the community internship in Playa del Carmen!

Looking back on week one it was nothing short of intense. After traveling for at least 33 hours on a plane to the other side of the planet, arriving in an unfamiliar city, not speaking a lick of the language, we were ready to tackle the challenge of being a GVI intern – more or less.

It was daunting and we couldn’t help but feel a little under prepared, but after we met the GVI staff and moved into our new home, it didn’t take us long to adjust and start exploring.

The city center is 5 minutes walking distance, the beach only 10 minute! We found familiar comforts such as McDonalds, and foreign ones too, taco eateries on almost every second block!!

However, it wasn’t all crystal blue waves and local Mexican food gluttony – being an intern involved lots of training. In our first week we tackled Emergency Response (First and Second Care), risk assessments, Spanish lessons, and a whole lot more. And we thought we waved goodbye the days of exams and assignments for good!

But the highlight of the week was definitely working at the Ludoteca (Toy Library) for the first time. We met some of the children who greet us with kisses and hugs and the lovely Ludotecarias, (ladies who work in the Toy Library), who look after kids as part of the ‘Save the Children’ organization. You can’t help but fall in love with the lively, funny, sweet group of children and feel so lucky to be able to spend the next 6 months of our lives here.

Cue a sigh of relief as we see the week ending. We’ve never been more thankful that it’s Friday, but we’re counting the minutes until we’re back in the Ludoteca! We can only hope that gets easier when the jetlag is gone!

Photos: Apartment in Playa del Carmen & Josie and Christie wearing flowers that the children gave them at the Ludoteca.