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Monday, January 28, 2013

So many amazing underwater sightings and the first beach clean up of the year!

It’s the start of a new phase and everyone’s really starting to find their way around base. Spirits are high
as we start getting into our diving routine. Weathers been manageable with only one day missed dew to lightning seen on the horizon. We have only been diving a few days now and the incidental sightings are as amazing as ever. Three Manatees in one day!! One swam right with our group of divers hanging around and showing off how graceful they can swim. The two others were spotted right under the boat as divers were getting ready to get in the water. Willem, Marc, Remo, Sancy, and Yoishi have won the lotto of sightings and got the chance to dive next to a hammerhead shark!! We’re all so jealous of their good fortune. Turtles, massive Stingrays, and Barracuda are being seen almost daily. Everyone’s really excited to explore all our dive sites, Barracuda Jazz is a very loved site as everything under the sun is being spotted, great site for doing spot dives and learning our fish and coral. Many volunteers have already passed there exams and are one step closer to monitoring. Beach clean was a great success. We started at the mouth of the mangrove and cleaned a 100 meter transect, Collecting 117kg of rubbish and 8kg of recyclable material.

Food on base has been really tasty as everyone’s seems to be bringing their own personal flare to our
predominantly vegetarian diet. I’ve been impressed and quit satisfied at the various dishes we’ve been treated to. Close friendships are blossoming quickly and adventures outside of base have been rewarding exploring the ruins in around Tulum and the great live music Tulum night life has to offer. More plans are in the works for this following weekend as a few of the volunteers are exploring Cenote diving and are  excited at the prospect of diving inside a freshwater cave system.