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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Settling in back in Pez Maya and welcome to second five weekers!

We settled back into base just in time for fun dives on Saturday. A well timed treat as everyone was a little frustrated by the hurricane that never really was. Some people stayed on base and others visited Akumal on Sunday to swim with turtles. By Monday things were almost back to normal, but with a more efficient roof on communal. We got lots of diving in with only Wednesdays’ weather keeping us on shore. On Thursday it was time for all the five weekers’ last dives. Some of which were conducted in costume….others in nothing at all! A very liberating experience. We all had a tearful farewell as the first five weeker left and decided to finish this part of the phase in style with a Halloween fancy dress party. The staff provided a delicious buffet, barbequed meat was greatly appreciated by those struggling with a vegetarian diet. And as it was a volunteers birthday we had cake followed by hilarious skittle vodka fuelled behaviour,  some volunteers even ended up sleeping on the beach (intentionally I should add).
Friday morning chores were met with a fair amount of grumbles but soon enough if was off to playa for the weekend and goodbye to the base for the five weekers. Some of us went to Cozumel for night diving and others off to Puerto Morelis for a wreck dive. Almost everyone who was off base did some cenote diving on Sunday. An amazing dive experience, but for some with an 8 o’clock start, a bit of a struggle after a night at blue parrot with free drinks and fire shows! Our youngest volunteer has now most definitely passed his initiation and was champion carried home (consciously or unconsciously depending on who you ask) by three volunteers. Welcome to ‘maturity’.All too soon it was time for burritos and farewells to our lovely first five weekers. We miss them all terribly and want to thank them for all the hilarious memories. Much love to you all and safe onwards journeys. Base won’t be the same without you. (The UN are having an emergency meeting. Apparently they are sceptical of Princess’s ability to govern Pectoria alone.)

Meanwhile, back at base, the new five weekers have been moving into base and becoming the latest donors in the mosquito blood drive.